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VWIN - Volunteer Water Information Network

One of EQI's major programs is the Volunteer Water Information Network (VWIN), which is a volunteer-based, surface water monitoring network which began in 1990. EQI conducts laboratory analyses of stream and lake water samples and provides scientific interpretation to stakeholders, including local governments, municipalities, and watershed advocacy groups. These monthly data allow discernment of spatial and temporal trends in water chemistry within western North Carolina (WNC) watersheds, as well as the identification and quantification of significant point and nonpoint sources of pollution.

The lab currently analyzes approximately 160 stream and lake samples monthly in 10 WNC counties, which are located in the French Broad, Broad, Watauga, and Catawba River Basins. The quality of EQI's analytical results is supported by the completion of NC Wastewater Certification laboratory requirements. Current testing includes pH, alkalinity, turbidity, total suspended solids, conductivity, ammonia-nitrogen, nitrate/nitrite-nitrogen, orthophosphate, total phosphorus, and fecal coliform analysis.

VWIN Stakeholders

VWIN Reports

Looking for specific data? Please contact to make a request. Below you will find a selection of archived VWIN reports.

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